Multispeciality Hospital & Dialysis Centre
276, Crystal Plaza, Central Bazar Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur-440010
0712-2452105 / 0712-2461479
Patient Reviews
It is very nice and friendly place.My mother was treated here. Mr Baraskar is not only a good surgeon but a good person also.
Ankita Bhusari
Nature of Doctor is very helpful with patients as well as there relatives and facilities in hospital is also very good. Regarding other facilities like pharmacy and other test that is also available in this Hospital. Nature of working staff is also very helpful and they also take care of patient.
Mangesh Potbhare
One of the best clinical research site in Nagpur.Dr. J. Baraskar is an Eminent Researcher in the field of Oncology, very down to earth and very a good Human Being and of course a very fine Onco-surgeon.
Rashmi Ranjan Dash
Eminent Hospital at Nagpur to serve all type of Patients suffering from Cancer and Kidney diseases.. Talented team of Drs and nursing staff to serve its Best
Rajiv Bandopadhyay
I am very happy for the treatment given to my patient Mr. Manish Lanjewar. Dr. jaiprakash Baraskar is one of the best doctor in Nagpur. The staff of this hospital is very Nice. Thank you so much Sir.
Virendra Samrit
Excellent Dr jaiprakash baraskar sir..... Fully familier touch with patient and relatives.. Complete councling about every step of treatment in detail....... Thank you for giving life to my lovest mom... Thank you so much.
Akhilesh Asati
One of the best hospital in city. Specially Dr. Baraskar, such a nice and talented person. All staff were good.
Suraj Bhoyar
I feel very lucky to join the hospital. Dr. Jaiprakash Basarkar sir is very Nice Person.
Pratima Chichmalkar
As per Baraskar Hospital . I am satify with the services and facility available in the heart of city way of treatment of Dr. Jaiprakash Baraskar is excellent staff support is good
Deepesh Jain
One of the best Oncology Hospital in Nagpur. Great & co-operative staff
Unnati Jaiswal
Best oncology center in Nagpur also very good Clinical Research Academy #Clini India
Ruchika Shendre
Excellent treatment and best support in every phase of treatment
Kavita Chelani
Doctor is very good,staff is very cooperative and do work in timeline
Ravindrakumar Dongre
Excellent care for cancer patients
Excellent staff
Devendra Singh Keer
Very great doctor and hospitality is really good.
Nutan Siriah
Best clinical research in Nagpur. Dr. J. Baraskar is very polite to the patient.
Abhishek Umare
This hospital is very nice & Dr. Jaiprakash Baraskar is very good in communication with patients and treatment is perfect.
Jayesh Lillore
Doctor is very good,staff is very cooperative and do work in timeline.
Jitentra Rathod
This Hospital is one of best hospital in Nagpur.Dr jaiprakash Baraskar Sir is a very good Doctor.
Nikesh Wasnik
Dr.Jaiprakash Baraskar is very polite to the pateint.
Sameer Gandhi
Doctor is very good,staff is very cooperative and do work in timeline
Hardik Siriah
A very good oncology centre with lot of patient workload.
Dr Madhukar Thakre
This is the best hospital in Nagpur.
Shital Gaikwad
Best Oncology Hospital in Nagpur with best patient care
Sakesh Gaurkhede
Best hospital in the nagpur
Swati Dongre
"Doctor is very good,staff is very cooperative and do work in timeline"
Unknown Patient
"Talented team of Drs and nursing staff to serve its Best..."
Unknown Patient
"Best place to get trained and get a job in clinical research.
Unknown Patient
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Cancer Pain Management
Fully equipped Kidney Care Unit
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Peritoneal Dialysis, CAPD
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